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Tattoo, Fresh. by ONeillMartialArt Tattoo, Fresh. :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Tattoo Design by ONeillMartialArt Tattoo Design :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 0 0 Single Leg Squats. by ONeillMartialArt Single Leg Squats. :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 2 Ab Leans. by ONeillMartialArt Ab Leans. :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Calf Raises. by ONeillMartialArt Calf Raises. :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Bicep Curls Diagram by ONeillMartialArt Bicep Curls Diagram :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Snatch High Clean by ONeillMartialArt Snatch High Clean :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Slashes. by ONeillMartialArt Slashes. :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Trap Extension Lift. by ONeillMartialArt Trap Extension Lift. :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Fluffy Karate Page 5 by ONeillMartialArt Fluffy Karate Page 5 :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Fluffy Karate Page 4 by ONeillMartialArt Fluffy Karate Page 4 :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Fluffy Karate Page 3 by ONeillMartialArt Fluffy Karate Page 3 :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Fluffy Karate Page 2 by ONeillMartialArt Fluffy Karate Page 2 :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Fluffy Karate Page 1 by ONeillMartialArt Fluffy Karate Page 1 :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 2 0 Fluffy Karate Title Page by ONeillMartialArt Fluffy Karate Title Page :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 1 0 Female Drawing Attempt 2 by ONeillMartialArt Female Drawing Attempt 2 :icononeillmartialart:ONeillMartialArt 0 0


DIY tattoo tutorial by suatre DIY tattoo tutorial :iconsuatre:suatre 9 2 Torn flesh by Crucifer01 Torn flesh :iconcrucifer01:Crucifer01 629 548
It's lonely inside these walls
Tall and wide, with the appearance of stone
To ward off enemy combatants
All too well it worked! Clever me!
Even allies wouldn't try to breech
The foreboding walls of porous rock
Its expansive appearance keeps this heart
Protected; gaurds this machine from the
Bitter-sweet liberties of emotion
There is no cage quite like safety
Just ask the birds
Forever safe in isolation
:iconjujutsu:Jujutsu 8 5
Opprotunity Scars
Yeah, I'm tired of being broke.
Sure, I count my change and budget strictly.
Yeah, I've tore apart a loaf of bread for two day's meals.
But I've always had running water.
It might have been cold, but it was clean.
Yeah, I took some trauma as a kid.
Sure, I witnessed beatings, observed the power of a kitchen knife;
But with time, I gained the opportunity to abandon tragedy.
I might have a lifted scar from a cigarette,
But I don't have to feel the singe of ash ever again.
There are those that still drown in this pain;
Those that have a reason to cry out
I have it good
And I thank God for that.
Beyond strength, I can't call my experiences negative
It's these experiences that have given me a purpose
And a passion
I'm going to save lives.
:iconjujutsu:Jujutsu 5 5
Qing Qiu, the Autumn Monk by Xchovenei Qing Qiu, the Autumn Monk :iconxchovenei:Xchovenei 2 2 .Assassins_sketches. by MadiBlitz .Assassins_sketches. :iconmadiblitz:MadiBlitz 255 58 Kintai Bridge by peterS86 Kintai Bridge :iconpeters86:peterS86 21 1 Rainbow Bridge by koroneken Rainbow Bridge :iconkoroneken:koroneken 67 14 Jellyfish girl by Larkynn Jellyfish girl :iconlarkynn:Larkynn 13 10 Control by heeeeman Control :iconheeeeman:heeeeman 385 32 Living statues, fighting statues by isra-ac Living statues, fighting statues :iconisra-ac:isra-ac 749 113 The Golden Pavilion by DavidNowak The Golden Pavilion :icondavidnowak:DavidNowak 81 13 French Notes Invaded by Larkynn French Notes Invaded :iconlarkynn:Larkynn 2 7


This is an absolutely stunning piece, I love the contrast between the vibrant red/purple background and then the muted black of her clo...

by Larkynn

This is a brilliant concept, I love the juxtaposition of the innocent looking girl and the deathly, spiritual "grim". The girl is excel...



I've been doing a lot of research lately on tattooing, it's methods and history in different cultures. One of the styles which fascinates me is Japanese 'Irezumi' (Tebori, for the method, not the style). This is where the ink is inserted under the skin by hand, with out a gun, using a single needle.

After doing some further research, it appears that this style also has a modern counterpart, known as "Stick and Poke," which utilises essentially the same tools as Irezumi, but typically less sophisticated than in a professional Japanese parlour.
As with any art style, the quality among pieces varies, but there are some truly amazing works out there.
I'm considering fixing up some equipment and giving it a go, not only on myself, but I've discussed with other the possibility of inking them.

There's a lot of hate out there for this method, and for people deciding to ink themselves, but i think it's a quite wonderful means of expression, with a methodology that goes back centuries to the earliest instances of tatooing.

I will be working on my equipment on Wednesday, and probably working on the tattoo (the Kanji for Tiger) over the weekend.


Also WHOA! I'm gonna dye my beard ginger!
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Joe O'Neill
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United Kingdom
19, Martial Artist, Regular artist (-ish... I'm more like a child with some crayons :P ).
Live in jolly old blighty, but no, I don't have one of those lovely accents the rest of the world seems to think we all have....
Barely kept sane and alive by marginally lethal amounts of coffee (which, if it was possible, I would seriously take intravenously).
Like a lot of random stuff, I'm a pretty eclectic person, so that confuses people.
5'9", shaven head, blue eyes: Terrify damn near everyone I meet :D
You can hit me up at for any reason you wish :)
That's about it really.... o.O

Oh... And that picture ^ That's me doing Kata on a roof. Because I am more hardcore than you.


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